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The Xǐqìng Collection

Xǐqìng Exhibition: A Modern Tribute to Chinese Paper Art

Explore Xǐqìng, a photo collection inspired by Lu Shengzhong, capturing Chinese New Year's spirit through paper-cut dragons and cultural narratives.

新年好 (Happy New Year)

The Xǐqìng exhibition is a captivating photo collection inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting and the symbolism of the Year of the Dragon. It showcases colorful dragons and cultural narratives, photographed during the golden hour to create depth and a soft lighting effect. The exhibition reflects Lu Shengzhong's artistic approach, particularly in its treatment of positive and negative space, and stands out for its contemporary interpretation of traditional themes.

The Xǐqìng exhibition is a stunning visual feast that blends the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting with modern photographic techniques. Inspired by the masterful work 'First Encounter' by Lu Shengzhong, this collection focuses on the Chinese New Year, particularly the Year of the Dragon. The exhibition is not just a display of artistic prowess but a narrative journey into the heart of Chinese culture and tradition.

The Art of Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese paper cutting, known as Jiǎnzhǐ, has a history spanning over a thousand years. This intricate art form, often featuring symmetrical designs, is traditionally used during festivals, particularly Chinese New Year, for decoration and as a symbol of luck and happiness. Lu Shengzhong's 'First Encounter' is a modern interpretation of this ancient craft, and the Xǐqìng exhibition draws heavily from his innovative approach, particularly in the use of positive and negative space to tell stories.

Dragon Symbolism in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of strength, good luck, and power. During the Year of the Dragon, these qualities are celebrated and revered. The Xǐqìng exhibition showcases a variety of dragons in vibrant colors, each representing different aspects of this mythological creature. Through the medium of paper and photography, these dragons leap into the modern age, symbolizing the enduring nature of Chinese cultural heritage.

Photographic Technique and Aesthetics

The photographers of Xǐqìng have utilized the 'golden hour' – the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset – to capture their subjects. This soft, diffused light adds depth and emotion to the images. The exhibition is notable for its use of bokeh effects, where the focus on the subject is sharp against a blurred background, creating a sense of depth and focus on the paper-cut dragons and their intricate details.

Narratives and Cultural Essence

Each photograph in the Xǐqìng exhibition is a narrative in itself, capturing moments of joy, reflection, and celebration inherent in Chinese New Year festivities. The exhibition goes beyond mere representation; it immerses the viewer in the ethos of Chinese culture, showcasing how traditional art forms can be reimagined in contemporary contexts while maintaining their cultural essence.

Contemporary Relevance and Individuality

Xǐqìng stands out for its unique blend of tradition and modernity. The exhibition challenges conventional perceptions of Chinese art, introducing a fresh, contemporary perspective while respecting the roots of tradition. It emphasizes individuality, not just in artistic expression but in the way it interprets cultural themes, making each piece a distinct narrative that resonates with both modern audiences and traditionalists.


The Xǐqìng exhibition is more than just a display of artistic talent; it's a bridge connecting the past to the present, traditional art to contemporary interpretation. Through its vivid portrayal of Chinese New Year and the symbolism of the dragon, Xǐqìng invites viewers to explore the depths of Chinese culture. It stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of traditional art forms in modern artistic expression.


Spotlight on the Collection

In this special showcase, we invite you to explore select thumbnails from the Xǐqìng Collection. Each thumbnail thumbnail serves as an entry point into a more expansive narrative, a condensed representation that encapsulates the spirit of your varied and dynamic subjects, illuminated by the captivating glow of dusk. As you peruse these previews, observe the meticulous craftsmanship, the dynamic contrast between illumination and obscurity, and the poignant expressiveness each image embodies. This gallery is not just a display; it's an invitation to experience the profound beauty and storytelling captured in each moment of the Xǐqìng Collection.

A child marvels at a glowing dragon sculpture An ornate dragon twists among clouds A paper dragon is cradled in hands A vibrant blooms surround a serpentine dragon creature A woman contemplates a delicate dragon wheel A vibrant dragon amid blooms A girl with a dragon statue A child meets a dragon dance mask Dragon figurines on display A boy smiles with dragon lanterns A close-up of a detailed dragon sculpture A smiling girl in traditional attire Woman with ornate dragon headpiece Detailed dragon sculpture on display Close-up of woman with dragon mask Giant dragon mural in vivid hues Smiling child at a festive table Blue dragon head against warm lights Woman in floral attire at festival Fierce dragon sculpture in fiery tones A child with red dragon headdress A Young girl in dragon costume A Blue dragon statue among lights A Child playing with a dragon toy An Artist with colorful dragon figures Children enjoying dragon dance A dragon on blooming backdrop A Boy in awe of dragon parade An Elder with traditional food spread A Family in festival attire with food


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